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Who We Are

Woke! is a Mexican/ Caribbean/ Asian fusion food truck owned and operated by a multiethnic polyamorous triad in the greater Los Angeles Area. The truck offers Culturally Conscious Cuisine ™ by selling fusion food, teaching history and offering community services.

  • Max Daniel

    Executive Chef

  • Kashmir Hughes

    Content Design

  • Michael Powers


Feed Your Body
and Your Mind™

WOKE! is serving up a side of history with your hot meal. Menu item names range from popular fictional literary characters to lesser known radical historical figures. Each menu item is named after a person, event or character that had, or could have, a revolutionary impact on history. Whether it’s through the overt actions of a beloved rebel or the covert propaganda seamlessly blended into our many media forms, social change is always in progress. Ready to eat and ready to learn? Grab your napkin and click below to find out more!


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